Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mr. Chubbins Turns ONE!

Cole is one!  

I can't believe that my little nugget is already a year old.  How time... goes fast... like a bird in the sky...

Last night, we had a little party at our house with our friends, the Binghams.  (Incidentally, they have their own Cole, so it was a Celebration of Coles!)

Pizza and watermelon.  So far so good.

Here's Grown-Up Cole, who just graduated from law school at the U!  WOOHOO!!

And here are the older kids -- Weston, Katelyn, and Dawson.  (Haha!  I can't believe that Weston is one of the "older kids.")

And here's their new baby sister, Emma!  OH MY GOSH THAT HAIR!!!!!  I want to cuddle her and rub her fuzzy fuzzy head again.

Present time!  The older kids were very good at "helping" Cole to explore his gifts.

Little cars.  Sweet.

Bongo drums.  Even sweeter.

And then for the cake!  We wanted to honor both Coles:

The Coles were excited.

"Oooh.  This is gonna be good."

"Oooh.  OOOH!  It IS good!"

"And now... how best to attack this piece..."

"Soooo close!!!"

"Aw, thanks, Grown-Up Cole!"

"Yeah.  Yeah.  Keep it comin'."

"Y'know what.  I'm just gonna dive in."

"OM NOM NOM!!!!!!"

"Okay, I'll make a funny face for ya, Mom."

"Oh man.  It's so good.  I just want to keep putting more and more in."

"Wait.  It's GONE???"

"Oh, hang on.  There's still some frosting that I can lick off my fingers."

"Okay.  NOW I'm done."



Dana said...

Major cuteness overload!! Oh my goodness, I miss the crap out of him! (And the rest of you, of course)
I think he is the key to paying off Tim's school loand.
He needs to be on tv. Or in ads. Or anywhere that requires the cutest baby in the world while offering mucho compensation. Seriously, pimp that kid out!

Dana said...

(D'oh! "loans" not "loand")

Kendra said...

Wow! I can't believe he's one already! Time does fly by. And those are some awesome cake eating pictures you got. Super cute!

Lauren Packer said...

He doesn't look like Weston's clone anymore. He's like his own real person. And a completely adorable real person at that!

And is it just me or are one-year olds looking younger and younger these days?

Happy birthday little guy!

Lalee Photography said...

Oh Jean, he is SO DARN CUTE!!! I want to just hug him and squeeze him to bits! Ugh, those cheeks! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE!! I can't believe he's already a year old - that time, going fast like a bird in the sky, sheesh! I miss you guys!!!

James Cramer said...
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James Cramer said...

Wow the Anderson's have a Cole and the Binghams have a Cole, I want a Cole, well I guess I'll have to watch Cole Hammels pitch for the Phillies and that will do for that. Yeah Cole is one, that is so cool! Every picture you took is cuter then the one before it. :^)

daMawma said...

Yay for Colby! Lick that frosting, youngun'.....

Joan Ark said...

I love your blog!

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